Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Our Journey: We're Ready!

It was the last weekend of September 2011, about two months after camp.  The school year was underway and the Fall youth group retreats were rapidly approaching.

We were generously given a weekend-stay at a house in Sunriver.  There, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary and the end of a very draining summer.

We rode bikes till our tushies were sore, enjoyed the hot tub, made fondue, explored Bend's art and musical festival, and put together a puzzle.

That's when Paul gave me a very special card.  In it,  he told me he was ready to start a family.
I wept upon reading his words and will always treasure that card, marking the "next step"for the Bricknell's.  We embraced, and I probably said "really?" a few times before I really believed him.

That night, we prayed for our child.  Together.  Out loud.  Sitting in a hot tub.
We prayed for health.
We prayed for a smooth, uneventful delivery.
We prayed he or she would place their faith and trust in Jesus Christ at a young age.
We prayed that we would be ready and willing to accept and love our child, no matter how he or she came to us (through adoption or birth or whatever).
We prayed for the future of our family.

We looked at the stars in the dark of the night, enjoying the stillness, beauty, peace and thrill of that moment together.

And that's when we realized God had spoken to us yet again, at the same time, but individually.

The band "The Neverclaim" played at our city-wide See You At The Pole event on September 21 at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Longview.  We met several of our youth group students there and enjoyed a great night of music and prayers for our city and our schools.

When the lead singer of Neverclaim introduced himself, both of our hearts jumped at the sound of his name.  A gentle, unmistakeable stirring.  This time, Paul told me first about his experience and I was the one who responded: "me too."

It was definitely something new and special and mysterious.
Perhaps the name "Jeremiah" holds special significance for our someday-child's life?

Jeremiah: Yahweh exalts; God will raise up; God will set free

I like it.

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