Monday, October 8, 2012

Food: Day 8

I've had chicken to eat for the last 8 lunches and 8 dinners.  That's 16 times in the past week.
Chicken tacos (twice).
Chicken salad (with homemade lemon-basil vinaigrette).
Chicken soup (too many times to count).
Grilled chicken sandwich.

The chicken is bland without a slice of homegrown tomato.
Bread is dry without butter, but toasted with olive oil and salt - it's not so bad.  It also makes good croutons.

Not too mention I've had eggs every morning for breakfast so far.  I'm not tired of it, yet...but I have never in my life purchased eggs so frequently.

It feels like I'm hungry more often.  This strikes me as strange, because I'm not a huge snacker and don't overly indulge on junk food on a daily basis.  I don't think I have a high-sugar diet, but I wonder, if by not eating it, my body is responding differently?  Whatever it is, I don't necessarily like it.  I WANT A COOKIE and I can't have one.

In the past 24 hours, I have already turned down cookies (twice), homemade brownies and a lemon-poppyseed scone.  Not to mention I worked in our church cafe and resisted making myself an espresso drink.

I'm hoping the spiritual part of this will kick in soon.  I've made the first 8 days about me and what I'm missing, and I know that's not the point.

May you, Lord, make me conscious of what I feast on - literally and figuratively speaking.
May I be open to hearing your voice during this experiment

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