Saturday, August 18, 2007

Various Work Opportunties

I've been all over the board with my job search. Here are a list of jobs I came across.

As found on craigslist:
  • The "funnest" job ever: a salesperson for Callaway Big Bertha Irons
  • Newspaper delivery person for morning route
  • A forklift driver
  • A surfboard model to hand out fliers and hold a surfboard ($15/hr!)
  • Part-time golf ball picker
  • Bartender and Cocktail server
  • Food prep for airline catering company
  • Telemarketer
  • Part-time motorcycle support position
  • Fight choreography: someone who can teach actors how to fight
  • 7-Eleven sales associate
  • Tow truck driver

Unexpected Emotion

It's a quiet, cloudy Saturday. After two loads of laundry, dishes in the dishwasher and a bowl of Rice Krispys, the clock reads 3:10 pm. An uneventful, somewhat productive and mostly lazy day.

I flipped through the channels on TV and caught the beginning of the movie "Monster Ball." One of the first scenes of the movie shows a man spending a few minutes with a woman... a prostitute. I am careful not to simply call her a prostitute because her identity is a woman, first.

Something strikes a chord deep within my soul as I understand more about prostitution.

Within seconds, my cheeks were wet as I shed a few tears for my sisters on the streets. In Bolivia, in Hollywood, and here in Portland. Seems I've been shedding quite a few tears lately... my re-entry to the states continues to be challenging and convicting.

Oppression continues and my hope is on fire. I looked through my journal this morning and read some sermon notes: "Hope does NOT disappoint. Hope is absolute confidence that God is always at work."


Saturday, August 11, 2007

a chocolate craving

Charlie slowly unwrapped his Wonka chocolate bar, his eyes grew wide with excitement as he pulled back a GOLD wrapper... the 5th winning ticket for a tour of the Chocolate Factory! The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

Movies are much more entertaining when viewed with an interactive crowd. There were kids dancing like Oompa Loompas, improv karaoke (thanks to closed captioning), and even a man in Wonka-garb handing out candy - all in downtown Portland and entirely free.

I should be sleeping, but the enjoyment from the movie and the stillness of my new apartment are keeping me up, my thoughts running rampant. I know I'll fall right asleep the minute my head meets my pillow, I just haven't made it there yet.

I neeeeeeeeed a job. It's painful to look elsewhere when I have my heart set on one.

I know God has my best interests in mind. If it's not this job, then it IS something better. Sprawled out on the carpet, head in my hands, tears streaming down my face, the literal cry of my heart is "why is it so hard for me to trust you, God?!"

I want some chocolate.