Saturday, August 18, 2007

Various Work Opportunties

I've been all over the board with my job search. Here are a list of jobs I came across.

As found on craigslist:
  • The "funnest" job ever: a salesperson for Callaway Big Bertha Irons
  • Newspaper delivery person for morning route
  • A forklift driver
  • A surfboard model to hand out fliers and hold a surfboard ($15/hr!)
  • Part-time golf ball picker
  • Bartender and Cocktail server
  • Food prep for airline catering company
  • Telemarketer
  • Part-time motorcycle support position
  • Fight choreography: someone who can teach actors how to fight
  • 7-Eleven sales associate
  • Tow truck driver


ryanmortinson said...

part time motorcycle support? is that like a human kickstand or something?

motorcycles... mmmmm... awesome... i might be getting a kawasaki ninja when i get back... but that would mean leaving the world of cruisers and entering the more dangerous world of crotchrockets.

PS i have forklift experience so let me know if you need some pointers.

Alisa said...

My vote is for fight choreographer. That could be fun. :-)

Jamie said...

Surfboard models make great money for what they do... unfortunately, most people don't have the body shape of a surfboard ; ) Hang in there, Girl. God's got something just right in store for you. I know it.