Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hosting a trunk show + Noonday Collection {GIVEAWAY}

UPDATE: Thank you for stopping by the Noonday Collection blog train and for partnering with us along the way to bring hope and opportunity to the oppressed!
The giveaway is closed and a winner has randomly been chosen!  Congratulations to Ellen G. for winning the Inca Steps Necklace in the color of her choice! For your chance to win something else, follow the links at the bottom of this post for giveaways that may still be open!

If I’m not talking about it, I’m wearing it. And if I’m not wearing it…I’m probably sleeping. 

And that is NO exaggeration!

That’s right: it’s Noonday -- the jewelry that has taken over my dresser, my husband’s dresser, the bathroom counter, the window sill above the kitchen sink and the guest room. 

It’s the most jewelry I’ve ever one time. 

(Instagram users, search the hashtags: #ambassadorarmparty and #ambassadorstyle right now!)

It’s also the biggest, most beautiful jewelry I’ve ever owned. 

It's the only jewelry strangers have ever stopped me about and I don't leave the house without it for that very reason.  Every compliment is an opportunity to advocate!


Our brand NEW Fall/Winter product line was just released with beautiful hand-knit alpaca scarves from Peru and hand-carved water-buffalo horn bracelets and necklaces from Vietnam.

Today’s stop on the blog train {34 giveaways in 34 days} focuses on the importance of TRUNK SHOWS.

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, I am more determined than ever to provide gift-giving alternatives so we can be a resounding voice this year in the marketplace...all over the world.  One easy, practical way you can amplify your voice this shopping season is to partner with your local ambassador and host a trunk show!

What is a trunk show?
A trunk show is a gathering of women that helps create pathways out of poverty for vulnerable and oppressed families around the world. The artisans we represent handcraft distinct accessories out of repurposed materials like bullets, paper and seeds. Your ambassador will bring awareness to issues of poverty and injustice around the world by styling you and your friends with accessories that provide longterm change of sustainable income + hope!

I have had INCREDIBLE response within my community about hosting trunk shows. You know who you are: Thank you for trusting me and inviting me into your home to share.  Because of your hospitality, birth mommies are keeping their children, girls are receiving scholarships and food is on the table.  You are changing the world.

I understand the hesitation of not wanting to host.  Maybe you can identify with some of these, and perhaps I can help change your mind?

1) I don’t want to be a pushy salesperson.
I’m glad! I don’t either. I always tell my guests there is NO pressure to purchase anything. As you invite your guests, emphasize the awareness component of Noonday and invite people regardless of their intention to buy anything. Before I became an ambassador, I had never hosted a direct sales party, nor had I been to very many. In fact, most of my hostesses never have either!  It doesn't take much to convince them that this isn't your average jewelry party.

2) My house isn’t big enough!
Having a small house doesn’t disqualify you from being a rockstar hostess. If space is legitimately an issue and you have a larger guest list, consider co-hosting with a friend and using her home instead. Or, look into hosting it after hours at your favorite coffee shop.

3) I’m afraid I won’t be able to get enough people to come to make it worth your while.
Yes, we want to share Noonday with as many people as possible. However, even a small turnout can start a domino effect of awareness! I am telling you -- people I just met are changing their shopping habits because for the first time, they are understanding the importance of fair trade. It only takes one convinced guest to host a future trunk show and the results are exponential! 

Besides, a small turnout does not equal small impact! Check out these figures from actual trunk shows:
  • 2 guests showed up, yet she still qualified for $97 in free stuff after a few “no-shows” ordered. 
  • An inspired, motivated hostess collected over $800 in outside orders! She passionately shared her enthusiasm for Noonday’s mission and her friends jumped at the opportunity to help. Some of them were already thinking ahead to Christmas gifts, and it was only June!
  • A woman, whom I had never met, called me from her hospital room after her friend had dropped off a look book.  She did her Christmas shopping and placed a $600+ order! 
  • An adopting family’s support system rallied behind her and hosted five adoption fundraisers over five months, where Noonday was able to pay almost all the foster care expenses for her son while he was still in the Democratic Republic of Congo! 
  • One gal had never considered adoption until she went to a trunk show. God stirred her heart, and over the course of the next year, she had five adoption trunk shows raising $1000 to bring her son home from overseas! 

Don’t you see? Orphaned children and impoverished families are waiting for someone to use their voice on their behalf. Hosting a trunk show is one way you can use your voice! Do not listen to satan’s lies and disqualify yourself from this life-changing experience. Vulnerable people around the world are depending on us.  On me.  On you.
Your ambassador will coach you through the invitation process and help you think about all the people you encounter on a regular basis. 

Think outside the box: Your hair stylist who is always wearing funky jewelry.  (My hair stylist is my biggest fan!)  Your child’s teacher and parents from daycare or PTO or sports team.  Your favorite barista!

4) My friends can’t afford Noonday.
Most often, shopping fair trade means spending a little bit more money. It will probably mean buying less items less frequently and deciphering the difference between “needs” and “wants.”

Personally, this is a no-brainer for me. A screaming deal most likely means the person who made it was not getting paid enough for their work. I cringe when I see sale racks with rock-bottom prices of $3.98 for shirt. There is NO way that product can be made that cheaply unless an expense was eliminated somewhere along the line. Think about it: the fabric, notions and labor involved, not to mention overhead costs at the factory in which it was produced, and the cost to have it shipped to your local store, set up on a display by other employees and the operating expenses of the retail shop.  Someone is not getting paid fairly.  (Read my previous post titled: The Costly Bargain.)

Thankfully, Noonday Collection offers a wide range of products for the shopper on a budget (like me)! 
If you or your friends fall in love with a budget-buster piece, they can host the next trunk show and buy it for half price, or get it for free!

5) I love the mission of Noonday, but the products “aren’t me.” If you love the mission of Noonday, let that be why you host. You don’t have to love accessories to be a voice for the voiceless. Accessories are simply a platform to advocate, but it’s not why we do what we do. It’s ALL about the artisans.

If our artisans were knitting toilet seat covers to rise out of poverty, you better believe I’d still be encouraging you to host a trunk show – whether you were in the market for a cover or not. (knitted toilet seat covers would be way harder to sell, though.)

Chances are good that you have friends that love accessories or you have birthday/Christmas shopping to do.

6) I don’t have any idea how to a host a trunk show and wouldn’t even know where to begin Your ambassador will help you! You will be well equipped with a hostess document full of easy worksheets and tools to get your friends excited and your creative juices flowing. We supply the invitations and look books to hand out, as well as create a Facebook invitation or Evite. All you have to do is add friends to your guest list or plug in their email addresses.

As for the actual event, we bring the displays and jewelry. All you need is a tv and dvd player (if possible) and a table to let her work her magic and set things up. Sips and snacks are up to you. You don’t even have to make that new recipe on Pinterest. Seriously. Who doesn’t love chips and salsa, anyway?!

7) I’m too busy. I get it. Family time is sacred and weekends and evenings are precious! You don’t have to host right away; put something on the calendar for a couple months from now so you can plan accordingly. Consider tying a trunk show in to something you and your friends already do together instead of fitting in something “extra.”

Do you already gather together once a week for morning play dates? Invite your ambassador to your play group so she can set up her displays and tell artisan stories.

Do you have a small group/Bible study/book club? “Donate” a night to poverty awareness and let your ambassador do her thing!

Invite Noonday to your workplace during the lunch hour. Provide sandwiches and invite your coworkers to eat in.

Bring some meaning to your special event and throw a combined party! A “housewarming with a purpose” party. A “buy something for yourself for my birthday” party. (The birthday girl will earn a % of sales in free stuff.)

So, how about it?  Will you host?  Or find a friend to co-host with?
I'm offering a special incentive to anyone (within reasonable driving distance) who partners with me by hosting by October 31st.  *details below*  If you don't live near southwest Washington, I'd be happy to connect you with an ambassador near you.  Simply leave me a comment below!

I'm giving away one of my favorite statement necklaces today!  If you win this, I guarantee you will have the opportunity to share Noonday Collection with someone because they will ask you about your necklace.  You get to choose the color: coral or teal!  (It's made out of tagua seeds in Ecuador.) 
Retail value: $72


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Natalie1103 said...

I love the Noonday stuff and wish you lived closer so I could have trunk show over here

Lifesabeech said...

The best thing about attending a Noonday trunk show is touching the pieces and pairing them with other pieces. I usually say, "I'll just get one piece" and end up with at least 2 or 3. Once you start owning part of the collection, you can't stop and why stop if your purchase is helping someone else make a livable wage and bring hope to those in despair Love Noonday and the artisans.

Haley said...

I loved the trunk show that I attended! I loved the passion you had for the stuff you are selling, and I loved hearing the other women's thoughts towards the mission of Noonday! And I loved that some other trunk show attendees had personal experiences with people living in poverty and trying to make a livable wage.

Anna @ Veggies for Dessert said...

Best part of a trunk show for me is the time to hang with pals and look at the pretties. It's so nice to see the products in person and see the quality.

Emily U said...

Elizabeth I only know about Noonday because you started sharing about it and the Seybold love spread it to STL! I love hearing the stories of the artists and the amazing ways they've created such beautiful pieces!

Amy Wolff said...

I loved hosting a show earlier this year because:
1. It was a great reason for all my friends to get together
2. A few of us just got back from Africa and this was a way to continue to live aware and supportive of people in need from the states.
3. I got a huge discount off my order for hosting!
4. I did birthday shopping with a meaningful twist.
5. I got to see El !!!

Megan Clark said...

I have yet to attend or host a show, but only because I've moved so far from you, El! Seriously. No other reason.

Tracy said...

The best thing about a trunk show is having the pieces there to try on, mix and match, and getting friend's opinions!

heatherrocke said...

Would love to hear of a trunk show in the Peoria area. This is such cute jewelry!!!!

Erin said...

I host a show every Fall for my ambassador friend, Whitney Ray, and I absolutely love how people walk away inspired by the pieces and so excited to wear them-- more excited than "regular" jewelry and accessories. they truly get it and I love that!

meredith said...

Hosting a trunk show was great because we also had a chance talk through how we can intentionally love our neighbors--fair trade being one significant way! Good teaching time and resources!

Mallory said...

I love introducing Noonday and fair trade to my friends!

Heidi said...

I loved hearing the stories about each of the pieces and the impact each purchase has on peoples lives!

ellen said...

I love hearing the stories of how Noonday is helping artisans!

Momster Amanda said...

Great ideas, Sistaw! For anyone still debating whether or not to host a trunk show with it! You will have a great time with friends, get to see and try on some gorgeous items, and most importantly, have the opportunity to hear Elizabeth share her heart for the impoverished. You won't regret it :)

Cindy said...

Thank you for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway. I have never attended a trunk show, but would love to! I did a bit of searching and found an ambassador in my area. Yay!

Unknown said...

Shopping, beautiful jewelry, helping provide living wage jobs, sending girls to college, trunk shows with great friends...there's nothing about Noonday Collection I don't love!

Amy said...

If you ever want to bring Noonday to Arizona, I'd gladly host!

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of the trunk show was finding out that I can make a huge difference in someone's life and their family!

S.G. said...

I can't wait to host a show in December! Hopefully Noonday comes to Europe soon so that I can become an ambassador as well! :)

Elizabeth Carwile said...

I teach abroad, but would love to host a show when I am home over the summer holiday.

Lindsay said...

Favorite part about a Noonday trunk show is learning about how each piece was made as well as the artisans who made them.

Carly Bean said...

I haven't had a Trunk Show yet because a lot of my friends just can't afford it. We are still in college, so it's hard to spend money on jewelry. I want to have one in the future because I adore Noonday.

Eva said...

I love Noonday and this necklace too...the color choice is a hard decision to make...

Heather Bean said...

I haven't hosted a trunk show because most of my friends can't afford to spend money on jewelry right now--since we're in college--and dorm rooms aren't the most comfortable place to host a party. Hopefully it can happen in the future, I love the vision of Noonday!

Shasta Looper said...

The only thing holding me back is not knowing an ambassador in my area. Looking into other options with the ones that I know.

Mindy said...

I love hearing about the women's stories from the Noonday ambassadors. It makes each purchase feel more life changing.

MindySue said...

I've never been to a trunk show -- no ambassadors in the area, and I think the reasons that I haven't hosted one are mostly that. If my friend Natalie (an ambassador) lived in the area, I'd probably have done it already ...even though I am nervous for a lot of the reasons you listed. I would LOVE the coral necklace (because I already have the teal one and I LOOOVE it!)

Anonymous said...

I love the stories of all the Artisans. I just hosted my first show and can't wait to make it a yearly event for my friends and family.

Carla said...

I have neither hosted or attended a trunk show. But I would love to! Love the jewelry! :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, the more and more I read about your jouney with Noonday and the more I look at the pieces, I am feeling more compelled to sharing this with my friends and family. I have no excuse as to why I haven't but I guess I need to look into doing so! I am DYING for that necklace and so many other pieces!!! Keep up the great work!!

Shayna Veltkamp said...

My favorite thing about attending a trunk show was learning about all of the different cultures and how they use their own natural resources that could have had an ugly history, to make something beautiful (like the bullet shell earrings). I was also excited to see the jewelry from Ecuador because I will be taking a trip there this May with a group from my college.

Charity said...

Hey El! I wish we lived closer, I would totally host one, I am in u ever do online trunk shows?

Anonymous said...

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