Friday, June 4, 2010

The Garden

22 Steps to planting our first garden

Step 1: Kill grass.

Step 2: Enlist help from brother (in law) to dig up dead grass.

Step 3: Get rid of clumps, etc.

Step 4: Dump truckload of chicken manure on top of dirt.

Step 5: Take long shower to get rid of chicken poop from hair and under clothes.

Step 6: Call around to find free use of rototiller

Step 7: Till plot with huge tractor

Step 8: Dig some more

Step 9: Rake out clumps and level out dirt.

Step 10: Pose for silly picture

Step 11: Take another silly picture to celebrate progress thus far.

Step 12: Rake dirt/chicken poop into garden plots and walkways.

Step 13: Make holes for seeds.

Step 14: Plant seeds (these are pea holes...te he he)

Step 15: Decide garden isn't big enough to plant all purchased seeds, so convince hubby to extend garden plot.  

Step 16: Dig up more grass, haul in more manure, level out and repeat steps 13 & 14, without hubby's help due to fractured wrist.

Step 17: Grumble, grumble, grumble (because the work is hard), then apologize and commit to show more grace to helpless hubby.

Step 18: Put in grass barrier along edge of grass and garden to prevent grass creepage.

Step 19: Put up "rabbit fence" to keep dog out of "perfect-for-digging-in" dirt.

Step 20: Run out of room (again) so dig up grass on opposite side of yard and plant sunflowers!

Step 21: 1 month later, take pictures of garden progress!

Dahlia (to remember wedding flowers) 

The garden plot.  The first section is full of flowers; the second is full of veggies.

Sweet Peas


Sunflower row

This sunflower still has the shell attached to its leaf!




Onions (struggling)

Sweet Peas


Tomatoes & Rhubarb

As Seen on TV: "Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter" - holds 15 plants!

Step 22: Eat first ripe strawberry!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Camping Trip #2

As soon as Memorial Day weekend was a subject of conversation, I wrote on Paul's calendar: "Take El away!" It didn't matter where, just somewhere out of town.  Our summer schedule is very full, and it would be a shame to not take advantage of any/every opportunity to spend some "us" time.
With our recent compilation of camping gear, we talked about taking a backpacking trip somewhere, and then, this happened:

Paul got a big boo-boo.  He fell on his hand during a basketball game 2 1/2 weeks ago and ended up fracturing his wrist.  We were thinking he'd be put in a half cast, and our jaws dropped when we found out it was going to be this extensive.  Although the fracture is at the base of his thumb and index finger, they had to completely immobilize his whole right arm (yes, he's right handed).  Apparently, it's a really important bone in his wrist that must heal properly.  He's in this bad boy for 4 weeks, and then they'll put him in a different one (hopefully less obtrusive) for another 4 weeks.  The worst part is that we're just beginning the busiest season of the whole year, and 4th of July means manning the fireworks tent and moving big boxes.  Camp is also approaching, which is the biggest, most extensive event Paul puts on.  We're optimistic the cast will be off by the time we leave for Thailand August 3rd.

Paul gave the nurse a good laugh when he took of his jacket and revealed the slogan on his t-shirt, just before  they put the cast on.

Paul was a great sport and took me camping anyway, despite my offer to go to Hawaii instead. :)  He got his cast Thursday, and by Friday at 11am, we spontaneously decided to camp, looking past the wet weather.  2 hours later, and after a quick stop to buy a tent pole for our rain fly, we hit the road and drove North.  

We were lucky to find a campsite along the Elwha River, and pitched our tent during a break in the rain.  We made spaghetti for dinner, and drank hot chocolate for dessert.


Dessert :) (plus licorice)

Madison Creek Falls

Though it rained through the night, we stayed dry!  The JetBoil boils water in 60 seconds, so cooking was pretty easy.  The rain had ceased by the time we got up, and we continued our drive around the entire park with a several sightseeing stops along the way.

At the top!

A brief break in the clouds to view the Olympics

Cup o' Noodles for lunch at a lookout point along Hurricane Ridge - except the clouds were so low we couldn't see anything!

That black thing to the right of the road is a BEAR!

Black Bear

Hugging the world's largest Spruce tree

Ruby Beach

Family Portrait @ Ruby Beach

We were only able to camp for one night since we had to be back Sunday morning, but it was a great road trip and a refreshing getaway.  

Here's to spontaneity!