Friday, June 4, 2010

The Garden

22 Steps to planting our first garden

Step 1: Kill grass.

Step 2: Enlist help from brother (in law) to dig up dead grass.

Step 3: Get rid of clumps, etc.

Step 4: Dump truckload of chicken manure on top of dirt.

Step 5: Take long shower to get rid of chicken poop from hair and under clothes.

Step 6: Call around to find free use of rototiller

Step 7: Till plot with huge tractor

Step 8: Dig some more

Step 9: Rake out clumps and level out dirt.

Step 10: Pose for silly picture

Step 11: Take another silly picture to celebrate progress thus far.

Step 12: Rake dirt/chicken poop into garden plots and walkways.

Step 13: Make holes for seeds.

Step 14: Plant seeds (these are pea holes...te he he)

Step 15: Decide garden isn't big enough to plant all purchased seeds, so convince hubby to extend garden plot.  

Step 16: Dig up more grass, haul in more manure, level out and repeat steps 13 & 14, without hubby's help due to fractured wrist.

Step 17: Grumble, grumble, grumble (because the work is hard), then apologize and commit to show more grace to helpless hubby.

Step 18: Put in grass barrier along edge of grass and garden to prevent grass creepage.

Step 19: Put up "rabbit fence" to keep dog out of "perfect-for-digging-in" dirt.

Step 20: Run out of room (again) so dig up grass on opposite side of yard and plant sunflowers!

Step 21: 1 month later, take pictures of garden progress!

Dahlia (to remember wedding flowers) 

The garden plot.  The first section is full of flowers; the second is full of veggies.

Sweet Peas


Sunflower row

This sunflower still has the shell attached to its leaf!




Onions (struggling)

Sweet Peas


Tomatoes & Rhubarb

As Seen on TV: "Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter" - holds 15 plants!

Step 22: Eat first ripe strawberry!


Mattanda said...

Thanks for the garden update, looks like it's coming along! How exciting! All of of the pictures are amazing...even the pea holes ;) Too funny!

anne-marie said...

Wow you guys are like all out superstar gardeners-- amazing!