Friday, December 26, 2008

Family Christmas

Summary of my family Christmas in Grants Pass:

Christmas tree for backdrop: $25
Gifts from "Santa" (aka Chrislyn and I): $3 each

Wearing the gifts for our family photo: Priceless.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Doghouse

This video was forwarded on to me and I simply can't resist posting it: Beware of the the Doghouse

My dad has watched it at least 8 times and he still laughs. :)

Enjoy... and stay out of the doghouse!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Latte Boy

I discovered this gem of a video when I was in Louisiana with Nicole.
She emailed it to me the other day and it makes me smile each time.

Taylor the Latte Boy

Monday, December 8, 2008

In the Present

I remember feeling confident.
I was exactly where God wanted me to be.
I was sure of it.
I was sure because I was full.
I was broken.
I was aching.
I was filled with hope.
I was seeking.
I was growing.
I felt so in tune with God's heart for His children.
I was experiencing the Father-love of God, first-hand.

I wasn't sitting in church services wondering when the Word would speak to me again.
I wasn't playing the role of a messenger, turning messages from the pulpit into "things that are good for you to hear."
What I studied and learned and wrestled with wasn't for anyone else but for me.
It spoke to me.

Everyday for 4 months.
No questions asked. In regards to "what's next?" that is.
It's not like I knew. Or had any inklings. And it was okay.
I remember lingering in those moments.
Drinking up the moments.
Satisfied with where I was.
Savoring life.
Caught off guard by how peaceful I was.
As painful and devastating as it was.

So why can't I be in that place again?
Resting in absolute assurance.
Confident of the present.
Completely okay with the unknown future.

Could Bolivia spill over into a lifetime?
Or at least into now?
Right now.

I know.
God isn't a God of confusion.
God's will isn't mysterious.
Psalm 37:4
He has my best interests in mind.
I know.
These are the Truths
I keep passing on.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


It's finals week on campus and sleepless nights, movie-watching, and delirium is in full swing.

Yesterday, I watched part of "Grease" in the Rug Room, which was the 5th movie in a row that some students were watching while "studying."

I am tempted to question their study habits. But alas, I am not their mother.

The days have been very F-U-L-L.
  • I've made selections for the Chile and Nigeria May mission teams and have held our first meeting. (I'm leading the Chile trip!)
  • I'm trying to solve roommate conflicts and room change shuffles.
  • I've worked a few days until 11:30 pm.
  • I coordinated a Gingerbread House building competition between the halls and spent $100 on frosting and candy. Now I owe the winning hall some homemade goodies.
  • I attended the GFU vs NCU basketball game at Fox and the familiar ache returned to me as I drove away.
  • I had a very confusing meeting with my boss that has left me feeling emotional, conflicted, and confused. A giant "?" is all I see in my future.
  • I'm getting ready to go to Mexico for 10 days with 7 students. (Jan. 2-10)
  • I've cried... in a meeting, in chapel, on the bathroom floor. Mostly because I want to badly to say "YES" just like Mary did when the angel approached her about conceiving the Savior of the world. I just don't know exactly what that "yes" entails quite yet.
  • I waitressed at the Late Night Breakfast and got to wear reindeer antlers and a green striped apron with a cupcake on it.
  • I wore an ugly Christmas sweater and black stirrup leggings with red snowflakes on them.
  • I didn't get a Christmas tree this year and my apartment is devoid of any festive cheer. :(
  • I haven't done any Christmas shopping.
  • My best friend got married.
  • I'm wondering if it's really vacation if I still have to be on-call. *sigh*
I'm not burnt out, so why am I tired?

Will you meet me here and put your arm around me? I want to rest more than my head on your chest; I want to rest my mind.