Saturday, August 18, 2007

Unexpected Emotion

It's a quiet, cloudy Saturday. After two loads of laundry, dishes in the dishwasher and a bowl of Rice Krispys, the clock reads 3:10 pm. An uneventful, somewhat productive and mostly lazy day.

I flipped through the channels on TV and caught the beginning of the movie "Monster Ball." One of the first scenes of the movie shows a man spending a few minutes with a woman... a prostitute. I am careful not to simply call her a prostitute because her identity is a woman, first.

Something strikes a chord deep within my soul as I understand more about prostitution.

Within seconds, my cheeks were wet as I shed a few tears for my sisters on the streets. In Bolivia, in Hollywood, and here in Portland. Seems I've been shedding quite a few tears lately... my re-entry to the states continues to be challenging and convicting.

Oppression continues and my hope is on fire. I looked through my journal this morning and read some sermon notes: "Hope does NOT disappoint. Hope is absolute confidence that God is always at work."


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