Friday, October 5, 2012

Our Journey: Research

Moment of truth: I took birth control for 10 years.
A teeny tiny pill that regulated my cycles since I was an anemic 17 year old spending her last summer at home before moving away for college.  Ten years!

The Pill was prescribed with such ease by my doctor that nobody had second thoughts, and it seemed to work.  I tried periodically over the years to stop taking it to see if my body had regulated itself, but it never did.  I was advised to keep taking it.  So, I did.

Now that I've stopped taking it, I'm rather leery about trying a new medication.  Much like a bandaid, I suspect birth control offered a quick and easy solution to the visible issue on the surface.  However, I'm not sure it did anything to assist with my underlying issues. 

I don't want just another bandaid.  

Enter "Google" and the wonderful world of blogging.

Paul and I are gathering research, taking notes, and making appointments with professionals before we make any decisions regarding treatment.  And, most importantly, we are praying for wisdom and discernment as we navigate unfamiliar territory.  There have been a few nights where we'll both be laying in bed, laptops in front of us, reading various articles and websites.  I'll send him links through google chat and vice versa.  I am thankful for a man who will "humor me" by acknowledging the importance of doing our homework, and who is by my side, reminding me of God's gentle promptings and the ways He's promised us children.  

His timing is perfect.
His ways are perfect.

Here are some articles by women who have given PCOS a more natural approach:

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