Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Journey: The Diagnosis

*originally written June 2012 - waited until now to post*

It's June, and we're 7 months into our "let's get pregnant" idea, and 0 months pregnant.  I went in to the Women's Clinic for a routine exam, shared some of my concerns based on my experience that "something isn't right" with my body, and was promptly scheduled for an ultrasound the following day.

That appointment, paired with some lab results affirmed the diagnoses I'd already given myself, so I wasn't the least bit surprised when my doctor left me a voicemail, explaining: "women who have your symptoms generally have PCOS."

PCOS: Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

My hormones are completely out of whack, I'm constantly plucking black hair from my chin (hello, moment of humility), I'm not ovulating, and I have multiple cysts on my ovaries.  Not to mention, PCOS may lead to diabetes and heart disease in the future.  For now, it probably means infertility, or at least could take a very long time to get pregnant.

There are two different drugs I could take that could increase fertility.
Wanting to be well informed of associated side effects, risks and benefits of the medications, I turned to what any curious person would.


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Mattanda said...

Elizabeth, I am so sorry you are on this journey. You are constantly in my prayers and I am believing our heavenly Father will fulfill the desires of your and Paul's hearts. You're right, just think of all the people who will now be lifting you up in prayer. I love you Sistaw!