Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Waiting Game

Things at La Casa de Esperanza are in the shape of a giant question mark. We´ve been renting the building for several years and have remodeled the inside to meet our exact needs. There is a small recreation room, a nursery, a kitchen and dining room, offices, a small doctor´s office... Our landlady is trying to sell the building out from under us, even though we told her we want to buy it. We`re offering 100,000 US dollars.

The Advocacy project I´m working on is a DVD to fundraise and create awareness of La Casa de Esperanza. At this point, we are in negotiations about the purchase of the building. This has really shocked the staff of La Casa. We are in a prime location - we can see the Red Light District from our window, one block away. This is an opportunity for us to trust God´s plans for the building. If we can`t buy it, we have to be out by June. We are trusting that God has plans for our ministry, with or without the building itself. It might mean more direct contact within the brothels themselves, which would be very stretching and different... please pray for us as we wait the final decision. Right now, she doesn´t even want to speak to us so we are communicating with her son. Maybe God will soften our landlady´s heart.

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