Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Clean(er) Shoes

I got my shoes shined today. My tennis shoes. As usual, my trip down to La Paz involved being approached my a shoe shiner. He wore a black ski mask to protect his identity. I could only see his eyes and hands, but he must have been in his teens. At first, I refused. He persisted, insisting that my shoes were dirty (which was entirely true) so I gave in. He shined my dusty, grungy tennis shoes. He brought his face close to my feet, concentrating hard on the trouble areas. He only charged 1 B, but I gave him 2...about 20 cents. I found myself feeling embarassed that my shoes were so dirty, and that he still wanted to touch them.
Jesus must have been like a shoe-shiner. Persistent and insistent. Seeing the filth, grime, dust, embracing my uncomfort and excuses.

Real spaghetti with french bread, fresh greens, chocolate cake with ice cream and strawberry sauce. My stomach is so pleased with today`s lunch. We went down to the city and ate lunch at our friend Dani`s house. She wanted to thank us for our work at La Casa de Esperanza, and thank us she did!

Yesterday was a long day at Missionaries of Charity-the kids were ultra rambunctious. I became a human junglegym by standing tall with my arms out at my sides. The kids fought over who got to hang on me, and little girls squealed as they took hold of my pinky finger and spun around like ballerinas. One boy attached himself to my left foot so walking anywhere became extremely difficult. I exaggerated my movements and strained my muscles as I moved across the room. A little girl started playing with my hair which made me relax, until she yanked made a fist around it and I yelped. From now on, my hair is staying in a ponytail.
I am feeling JOY today.

I`m almost 100% healthy.
Shirley and Silvia have started a game where they race to greet me first when I get home.
I got to talk to my parents and sister Sunday night... on the phone. I got to hear their voice.
My toes have been warm at night.
I shaved my legs. :)
I still have some chocolate left from what mom sent me (a pretty big deal!)
I think I found a place to live when I return home.
I have so much peace about finding a job in the midst of so much uncertainty.
Sweet emails from good friends.


katie said...

somebody was playing with my hair the other day and i wanted to say "don't ever stop doing that" because it reminded me of you. and i smiled and said a little prayer.
i'm glad you're feeling joy. it makes me feel joy!

Edgar said...

L!! How are you friend? Well first of all I had no idea you were in Bolivia but hey now I do. That is so awesome. I just love reading about people experiences abroad like you and Ryan Mortinson that just went out there and did something good. Me I am lame and in the working force in America... boring. But I am glad you are having fun and doing the work of God! Well friend good to hear of you and hope you get a little smile by reading this. Later!!

Dad said...

I love reading your posts. I remember you riding around on my foot hanging on for dear life. I am sure the kids love having you there. You are a joy.

Keep your heart and shoes shining for Christ!


Jessi said...

YAY!!! I am so excited! You are feeling peace...that was my prayer for you!! And somewhere to live already?? I would LOVE to hear that story! I love you dearly sweet girl and am awfully excited to hear that things are looking up. :) (I'm especially glad that you're toes are warm and that you got to shave your legs...that always makes me feel WAY cleaner)

You have a beautiful heart.