Sunday, March 4, 2007

Things that are cold in Bolivia

Wearing 5 layers of clothing, huddled under 4 blankets on my bed, I came up with things that are cold in Bolivia:
My hands
Doing laundry by hand with COLD water
Washing dishes by hand in COLD water
The toilet seat
My toes
My nose
Cooked vegetables (always served cold)
My toothpaste
Damp clothes (i´ve been trying to dry my socks for 4 days)
My bed before I climb in
Getting in the shower
Getting out of the shower

Today and yesterday have been the coldest days yet. Lots of rain, intense hail that drops off rooftops like snow drifts, cloudy skies. I´m missing walking around barefooted on carpeted floors, heaters, and long showers.

I´m thankful for hot tea, warm hugs, hot chocolate, my ugly waterproof boots which keep my cold toes dry, and the 3 alpaca wool blankets on my bed, even though they leave fuzzes on everything I own and dust bunnies under my bed.

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ryanmortinson said...

i told this korean girl "i have a cold." she said she was very surprised because it looked like i had a warm jacket on and why didn't i bring an extra sweatshirt or something... how do you explain "i have a cold."?

i wonder if jonah was cold in the whale's belly? i suppose it depends on the depth, average water temperature of the area, and whethor or not the whale had eaten any spicey thai food recently.

keep rockin' my friend. you are my hero.