Thursday, January 29, 2009


It was hard to get out of bed.
It was a record snooze button morning
So I got a tall nonfat white chocolate mocha
(For the 3rd day in a row)

Monday night basketball IM
Tuesday night Sophomore dessert social
Wednesday night RA staff meeting
Thursday night worship practice

The office was especially quiet as the clock struck 5pm
The work day done
Lights turned off
The outside doors were even locked at 10 till

In an hour of quiet
as I rested in my Mary Chair
I wondered for a moment
what it would be like to rest forever
and not run out the door for "just one more thing"

And now,
looking back,
on that brief moment,
I think of how unsatisfied I would be

And so I learn to rest
in the fullness of today
and the promise that tomorrow
will be full, too.

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