Sunday, January 11, 2009

Girl Talk

When I was in Mexico, I stayed up late one night with the girls on my team and we had a great girl-talk session. I got to be a big sister for girls aged 18 - 21 and it was so fulfilling.

"Girl Talk" is something I haven't had much of lately, and I long for it. I'm feeling a little sentimental tonight, especially after talking to a good friend on the phone and reading up on some blogs.

Not the 7th grade type of girl talk where we play Truth or Dare, raid the candy section of Fred Meyer, watch Sixteen Candles & Beaches, stay up as late as possible, prank whoever falls asleep first, play "Telephone" and talk about boys...

I'm talking about girl talk with my closest college friends.
Something that could last for a few days.
A retreat.

We could still eat junk food and stay up late.
Chick Flicks would still be a must.
And... we'd probably still talk about boys.

But we'd also go deeper.
We'd talk theology.
We'd talk church.
We'd talk evangelism.
We'd talk social justice & poverty.
We'd talk simplicity.
We'd talk love.

I really enjoy living in Eugene. I just wish there wasn't a 2 hour gap between my girlfriends.
But then again, 1 is in St. Louis, 1 is in Louisiana and 1 is in Australia.

...and it makes me sad.


Audrey said...

El, I am having this same "missing" feeling lately for the same wonderful thing. I miss you, as well :)

Nicole said...

I miss it so much too, El. But I cherish the moments we have together. And I am glad you had time with those girls to pour into them. Talk to you soon! And see you in SF next month (hopefully)!