Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye Nine

It's days like today when the effects of the economy hit close to home.
Nine employees got laid off this afternoon.
Our campus is grieving. Mouths hang open as the word spreads.

I keep thinking about families whose daddy is no longer providing for them. Lord, provide for them.
I keep thinking about the administration who had to have those hard conversations. Lord, give them rest tonight.

The Oregon employment rate is at 9%.
People my parent's age are flipping burgers.
Teenagers, twenty-somethings, college graduates, and near-retirees are competing for the same jobs and it's scary! Lord, thank you for this job.

One former employee graciously responded "I guess this is God kicking my butt to finally pursue what He's really calling me to."

With every "no" is a greater "yes".

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