Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pastor's Heart

I've been so moved by some recent conversations.
The way I've been sought out by students.
The things they share with me...
Things that break my heart and the heart of my Father.

I said a quiet "hello" to a girl at the computer as I walked into the cafeteria. Not seeing her in the Rug Room after I finished eating, I headed back to my apartment. She called my name and came over to me, shyly stating her need to talk.

She walked in and I made some small talk, trying to put her at ease. It worked, because the next thing I knew, tears were streaming down her face as she began to share. It's as if she was holding gauze tightly around some deep wounds, and picking up the corner just enough to let things ooze out. She's hurting and wants to be healed. A lot just happened.

She compromised her standards with a guy she thought she knew. Come to find out, he's not a Christian. She's confused.
She overdrew her bank account and has racked up $1000 worth of charges.
Her parents have been through multiple divorces and recently relocated.
Their job is unstable and they are struggling financially.
Roommate issues.

Someone else sought me out after an Intramural Volleyball game. We stood in the foyer for a long period of time. I listened, validated his concerns and frustrations, did my best to offer some advice and tips and told him I'd be praying.

I really connected with both of these people. We had a heart-to-heart. Our conversations broke through the surface and went deep.
I know I spoke Truth to them.
I got to love them by listening.

Pastor Steve commented on my "pastor's heart" today... for the umpteenth time. He's been calling me a minister ever since my interview a year ago.

I am more sure than ever that I want to pursue Seminary.
I don't know how, I don't know when, but it's in the works.

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Nicole said...

Wow, El! Sounds like God is continuing to do amazing things through you every moment of each day. I'm so proud of you. (And when I get this time zone difference figured out, I call you. :)) Love