Friday, October 31, 2008


It's 10:19pm on Halloween night, and it's surprisingly quiet.

We hired an extra security guard to be on patrol tonight, and I'm the Administrator On-Call. At our last RA meeting, I used a few minutes to give some refreshers on how to care for people who are intoxicated... just in case.

"If someone tells you about some loud commotion in the Rug Room, how will you respond? What are the visible signs of intoxication? What if someone stumbles past you upstairs, and you're pretty sure they're drunk? How do you care for someone who is throwing up or passed out?"

Regardless of being prepared, I hope it's a quiet night.

We're preparing for the worst and expecting the best. Oh, Lord, please protect my students tonight. Help them to make good decisions.

I spent an hour at the on-campus Halloween Dance Party and was impressed by the costumes.
  • 4 guys dressed like old ladies. I took a picture with one of them and he pinched my cheek.
  • Alvin and the chipmunks
  • Whoopee Cushions (yes, that's plural - there were 2 of them!)
  • Poisen Ivy and Batman
  • Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
  • Pippy Longstocking
  • Killer Panda
I, not expecting to be around tonight, didn't prepare much for an outfit, so I dressed up like a hick and took the easy way out.

Oh, Halloween. It's really just another day...

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