Saturday, May 17, 2008

May 17th

I am so appreciative of the affirmation I've been receiving. Thank you, Lord, for knowing exactly what I need when I need it! A comment about another day well-led, and a comment about what a great day someone had.

There are so many details to organize and such a need for excellent communication. It's a scary task and I have a greater appreciation for those who have led my overseas experiences.

In all the traveling I've done, some things are universal: horrendous traffic, poverty, oppression, darkness, etc.. When visiting the Genocide Museum (located at a former S-21 Torture Prison), I kept asking "why, God?" and pleading for justice for those who were murdered, in addition to forgiveness for the murderers.

Side note: Must some wretched things happen SO THAT other good things result? I do not know. Romans 3 refers to people who participate in unrighteous acts because it makes God's righteousness shine that much brighter. What a sick, twisted standard to live by. "Do evil SO THAT God's goodness appears better." - recent thoughts from June 10th.

We browsed through the Russian Market and made mental notes about souvenirs we'll buy before we leave, took pictures of monkeys freely roaming near a temple, and took a tour of the famous "Killing Fields" where hundreds of thousands of people were killed and thrown into mass graves. A memorial building stands tall, holding 17 stories of bones and skulls that were collected from the killing site. Our tour guide kept referring to "that crazy Pol Pot" who destroyed Cambodia and murdered her people. He spoke with such passion and pain as he recounted his near-death experience and relived its nightmares.

It reminded me of my visit to Rwanda; a severe genocide that wiped out an entire people group under one man's control. It happened to the Jews, the Rwandans. It's happening in Darfur, etc..

(Movies like "The Killing Fields" and "Hotel Rwanda" are worth watching.)

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