Friday, May 2, 2008

The DMV & The Dentist

As I drove away from the DMV yesterday, I couldn't help but think about how blog-worthy my afternoon was.

I am quite thankful that I do not have to frequent the DMV. However, it would have been nice to have updated my driver's license photo within minutes of receiving it in the mail. I was wearing a dark green work polo from my waitressing days at the River Rock Cafe, my hair was pulled back, and I was definitely showing the Freshman Twenty.

Even acquiring the necessary materials for a license renewal proved to be challenging. The forms needed for a proof of residence were particularly difficult to obtain considering I live and work at the same place and have zero housing bills to pay. (Bills are one of the few accepted proofs of residency.)

The man at the help desk was less than helpful and much too quick to usher me on my way, even though there was no waiting in line behind me. I took a number, sat down, and observed.

One of the women behind the counter wore thick, plastic, bright red reading glasses. Her poofed-out permed hair passed her shoulders and she smacked on chewing gum as she typed loudly. A young girl with long, blonde hair broke the news to her friends that she failed her driver's test. Her red, puffy eyes told me she'd been crying.

My number was approaching so I made one last review of the necessary documents and realized I did not have my checkbook or cash on me.; of course they do not accept credit cards. So, I threw my number away, drove to the closest ATM, and then promptly returned to the DMV. I pulled another number, waited another 10 minutes, convinced the woman behind the counter of my current residency, agreed to being an organ donor, paid my cash fee, registered to vote, signed an electronic screen, took an updated picture, and walked away with my interim driver's license. Phew!

I much prefer visiting the dentist, especially when they rave about my clean, straight teeth. My hygienist was thrilled to take a break to inspect my mouth because the elderly gentlemen in the chair next door did not have a clean bill of health like me. Poor hygienist and poor old man.

As a high school senior, I was named "Student of the Month" through a community organization. On the award application, I had to write down my accomplishments and honors. As a joke, I included my membership in the "No Cavity Club" through my dental office, which recognized patients with clean teeth. When I stood up to receive my award, the announcer read off some of my accomplishments and proceeded to tell everyone about what I had written, saying "I bet you didn't think we'd read everything!" It was quite comical. :)

It still feels good to be part of the Club today.

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