Friday, May 16, 2008

Genocide and God's Goodness

It's day 2. I slept from 8pm - 5:30am and am enjoying the quiet while the rest of my team is waking up.

We had a country-orientation yesterday upon our arrival and enjoyed a delicious meal of authentic Thai food and green tea. We learned about Cambodia's culture, history, and religion. Our team became overcome with jet lag as heads bobbed and eyes fluttered shut.

I am really enjoying the group so far and am quickly learning how each one will offer something different to the team.

As I anticipate the City Tour later today, I'm wondering what kind of a devotion to share before we hit the road. We'll visit the Genocide Museum and Killing Fields where hundreds of thousands of bodies were dumped after extreme starvation and torture.

(I had each person make a list of adjectives to describe who God is to each of them. I thought it was important to "call out" what we know to be true about God's nature, as to reconcile the dissonance of an all-powerful God in a broken, evil world. We spent powerful time in prayer, naming God, claiming His sovereignty in the midst of a recovering country.)

Before we left, we explored various theodicies...
and so I ask: What is your personal theodicy?

a.k.a.: How do you integrate a good, gracious, loving God with terrible genocides, natural disasters, etc.?

My prayer for the day:
Heavenly Father - I ask for confidence and boldness. For creativity and sensitivity during our team times. For a divine sense of where each person is at. For compassion, patience, and joy. For quality time with each person here. For the ability to ask good questions and listen well. For safety and health for my friend at home. For focus, as I think of people who aren't with me and comforts I do not have. For vulnerability during our team times. For encouraging team dynamics. Flexibility. Safe travels. For eye-opening experiences and conversations. For the desire to be changed.


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