Thursday, March 6, 2008

A Tale of 3 Chicks

Imagine my surprise when I was blindfolded, put in the backseat, and then presented with a small cardboard box that chirped. I shrieked, took off my blindfold, and then melted as I unfolded the cardboard flaps. Three tiny chicks stared up at me. I cuddled all three of them as we drove back to campus.

It started as an inside joke - I told her she might get to see some wild turkeys when she came to my parent's house with me for Christmas. She kept getting them confused with chickens... and then bought me four, small, plastic chickens which I promptly displayed on top of my refrigerator. I borrowed one chicken for a game (much to her dismay), and it accidentally got thrown in the garbage (I should have listened to her).

She kept saying she was going to replace that chicken. Well, she replaced them x 3: PJ, Poppet (think "Pirates of the Carribean:" 'ello, Poppet), and Peetie.

The babies stayed under a heat lamp in my office all day, and their obnoxious (not in a bad way) chirping piqued the curiosity of many passerbys.

Aren't they soooooo adorable?!

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Jamie said...

OH!!! SOOOO cute!!! And the names are great too. :)

Chrislyn said...

and then there was one... :(

ryanmortinson said...

so this whole thing reminds me of this discovery channel show I watched in Korea.

It was called "dirty jobs"... and this guy had this job where he would squeeze baby chicks until they pooped... and then somehow he could tell if they were girls or boys.

so... i challenge you to squeeze the little yellow fluff balls until they poop and then figure out if they're misses or misters (just so you know your names were chosen properly)... (hint: i think it has to do with some little bump or something...)

anyways, always glad to be helpful.