Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cold Feet

My feet are cold.

As much as I really want to be one of those people who wear flip flops all the time, I'm just not sure my feet can handle it. I haven't worn them since my unemployed-sitting-by-the-pool- days this summer. My poor feet are clearly unhappy with me - freezing and hurting. (The blended coffee didn't help the situation.)

I think I am going to be an old woman who won't be able to wear any shoes except ones that are extra squishy and podiatrist-recommended. I'll only have three colors to choose from - black, white, or tan, which is good, since the neutral colors will match all my outfits.

1 comment:

meredith said...

El, there could be worse things! :) Check out my blog--I've tagged for a "meme"...can't wait to hear your facts...