Saturday, February 9, 2008

Stomping Grounds

Had I not already looked at the weather forecast for the next several days, I could easily be convinced Spring has arrived. I'm sitting by a terribly dirty, neglected window. A faint "Merry Chris....." is scrawled on the pane, meaning it hasn't been washed in several months. Thankfully, the glass scum doesn't deter sunbeams; one is dancing across my eyelashes as I squint, basking in the sunlight and my sister's presence.

Chrislyn says my eyes look crazy today, like two orange targets outlined with green. I gave her a look and she convinced me it was a good kind of crazy.

I love it when people ask if we're related. They usually say "oh, that Chrislyn - she is so amazing." which I respond "I know; I think she's pretty incredible."

This is a confusing place. Some call me Chrislyn, some welcome me "home" while others wonder what brought me here for the weekend. The longer I stay away from these old stomping grounds, the less of an ache resides every time I walk away and say goodbye-until-next-time.

If home is where the heart is, then I'm pretty sure my home is elsewhere.


Jen Rider said...

Oh My!... The two of you get so mixed up by people. You know I will always be able to recognize who is who. Not just because I am short but the hug factor. So Where is your heart?

Chrislyn said...

i guess there are worse people we could get mixed up with, eh? :)

Anonymous said...