Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gray Paranoia

I stood in front of the mirror as usual, brushing my teeth, and that's when I saw it.

My mouth gaped open. Toothpaste spit began to ooze out. It was a good thing I was leaning over the sink.

I swished, rinsed, and spit again, my eyes fixed on what I had just discovered.

I leaned in closer to the mirror.
Could it be?
Oh no...
It was.

3 inches long, protruding from my scalp as though it were a mini lightening bolt.
Coarse, wiry, unruly.

I tugged on it to see if it was, indeed, attached.
It was, indeed, attached.

I plucked it out and thoroughly examined it under the scope of my 5 bathroom light bulbs, rubbing it between my fingers.

I'm still flabbergasted. Astonished. In disbelief.
Oh my.

My first gray hair.


Chrislyn said...

gray hair is sexy.

violet said...

hahahahahahahaha!!!! oh El...

Jamie said...

I feel your pain. That happened to me too... not a fun experience. I think it may be a testiment to severe stress, not that you've had to deal with any ;)