Sunday, January 6, 2008

my Mary Chair

Brown, plush, and gigantic. Every time I walk into my room, I'm drawn toward it. Though inanimate, it seems to beckon me to kick off my shoes and plop down. "Take a load off," it entices.
My new papasan (pop-a-zon) has become my "Mary Chair."

A place for me to be still.
A place for me to know that He is God.
A place for me to rest, think, read, pray.

It is not a place for work, talking on the phone, checking my email, or a spot for my dirty clothes.

It's exhausting to live like Martha and I want to be more like Mary.

You, my papasan, are my sacred seat.


chrislyn said...

i talked about mary and martha during our serve trip :)

Amy said...

where did you get it? Pier 1!? Did you get it on a sale :) wink wink