Tuesday, October 2, 2007


P.Pie Chai.
P.Pie Latte.

"P.Pie" (pronounced: Pee Pie) is short for Pumpkin Pie on the beverage list at Chapter's.
It's much more enjoyable to order a P.Pie chai than a Pumpkin Pie chai; it's just more fun to say and equally as delightful to sip.

Chrislyn and I ordered P.Pie drinks today. I wanted to get drenched and begged her to accompany me on a long walk, but she said she was getting sick. We compromised and she humored me by walking in the rain one block to take cover in Chapter's.

We took comfort in the P.Pie - soothing her sore throat and my contemplative mind.

It hit me today that I'm relocating in 9 days...


ryanmortinson said...

so awesome!

chrislyn said...

i could go for some more ppie right now...