Monday, October 29, 2007

My ring

A student told me that one of her friends was wondering if I was married. She had seen the ring on my left hand and was curious.
"What did you tell her?" I asked.
"Well... it didn't seem like you had a husband living with you... so I assumed you weren't."

We agreed that a long distance marriage would be really difficult.

I told her I hoped my wedding ring wouldn't be made of sterling silver.
I explained that it is my purity ring - a gift from my dad for my Sweet 16 (or was it 13)?

She's not the only one who has asked which has made me reconsider the ring placement. Now that I'm of "marrying age" I question:
Should I switch the ring to my other hand?
It would be a simple solution except my ring finger is the only finger it fits on. Not to mention, I have a sweet tan line from it and my finger feels naked without it.

I'm saving myself for him. My ring tan and white dress will prove it.



ryanmortinson said...

i am constantly asked about my "couple ring". they are so sad when i tell them that it's not a couple ring.

Violet said...

=) jejeje... oh El!