Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chapel... tomorrow!

As of 43 minutes ago, it's been confirmed that I am indeed speaking in chapel tomorrow. I desperately want to cancel all meetings and obligations for the rest of the afternoon to seek the quiet of my apartment to just Be. Think. Pray. Write. Listen.

Instead, I blog from my office desk in an attempt to sort out my thoughts.

The physical response of my body is hard to ignore: my mind races, my heart beats a little faster, and my stomach feels like it's training for the Olympic trials for gymnastics.

How do I even begin to decipher/discern what to share with these students... many of who don't even want to be at chapel in the first place?!

There is a lot on my heart and mind and I don't have words for any of it.


Violet said...

El!!! Sooo... how did it go? You can't post a blog like this and then not tell us the ending! Love you lots!!!

katie said...

You are a wonderful speaker full of wonderful things to say!!! I hope it went well and you were able to communicate the heart of God to those students. You are wonderful!