Monday, October 15, 2007

I survived my first day!

Things I've learned in the past 24 hours since arriving on campus at NCC:
  • Cheap rugs that aren't specifically labeled as a "bath mat" should not be used as a bath mat. I made an emergency trip to Target last night to purchase a shower curtain. I was so excited to buy matching things in hopes of livening up my lonely apartment. I splurged and spent a whopping $3.83 on a 'bath mat.' It looks great in the bathroom. But, when I got out of the shower, I noticed that my shower curtain had leaked all over the floor and my 'bath mat' was soaked. As I wrung out the mat over the tub, green dye squirted out. Sure enough, there was a green rectangle on the floor where the mat had been. Thankfully, I haven't found any green footprints on my carpet.
  • Water pipes will burst on your first day of work. At lunch today, I was approached by the maintenance man (whom I met 20 minutes prior) and was informed that the dorm's (which includes my apartment) water would be shut off for most of the afternoon and that I needed to notify the residents. I don't even know the residents. Or even all of the RAs!
  • NCC's logo is often confused with North Carolina because most of their insignia contains only "NC" for Northwest Christian.
  • Students like to give nicknames. One resident asked what my last name was. He thought Seybold might start with a C, so he wanted to call me "E.C." to which he turned into "E.Z." Thankfully, we quickly decided that wouldn't be a good idea and I reminded him my last name started with an S. He said he'd call me "E.S." instead.
  • If I turn Left out of my apartment, I'll find Fred Meyer, Target, and Walmart.
  • I might be taking over the Missions component of Campus Ministries in addition to my role as the Area Residence Coordinator.
  • As of today, one of the RAs decided to step down from her role. Now I have 6!

That's all for now; more learning tomorrow after a good night's sleep!


Violet said...

estoy orando por ti. pero tus palabras me da risa. jajaja... te quiero. =)

meredith said...

El! Or ES:) I'm glad to hear about the first day and look forward to hearing more!

Thinking about you today--
MD :)