Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ZOO Delight!

Giant Bird
Originally uploaded by Elizabeth in Bolivia.
My Bfamily has been talking about taking me to the zoo for a month. I was a little nervous because I´ve heard it´s a little depressing and stark. Plus, I´ve been to the San Diego Zoo...

I got out my bolivianos to pay for my bus fare, and my B-mom said ¨no, no, no!¨ I responded ¨yes, yes, yes!¨ She said she was going to pay for me all day. When I told her that was absolutely unnecessary, she responded that it absolutely was necessary. I reluctantly returned my 15 cents to my pocket and she grabbed my hand, becoming my tour guide for the remaining time on the bus.

I saw donkeys, llamas, horses, goats, and rabbits... one of the rabbits was sickly and on its death bed. The Condors are giant, endagered birds that live in the mountains of Bolivia. They were feeding on donkey parts - donkey legs, donkey heads - eyeballs and fur. It was nasty.

Monkeys, snakes (ick!), turtles, a sad lion, and even a veterinary clinic for sick animals. Maybe they should take care of sick little Thumper?!

We ate lunch...twice...and my B-fam was so impressed that I chose to eat only with my hands the second time around - cooked veggies and chicken. I´m one step closer to becoming Bolivian, except that I still don´t like chunos.

When we finally got home at 7:30, I made pancakes with homemade syrup for dinner, and then sat through our weekly Bible Study with the pastor from my church. Usually, I walk away from this time feeling discouraged because the kids make up excuses as to why they can´t ¨stay¨ and even start doing the dishes which I know is an out, because Silvia hates doing the dishes. This time, however, I experienced fellowship. A large part of the family attended, and they were attentive and full of questions (except for my B-mom who was exhausted after our long day together and fell asleep next to me).

I know my Spanish is improving, and yet there is still so much more I wish I knew how to say. I want to go deeper. I want to ask my sisters tough questions about their faith. I want to know their stories, and who Jesus is to them. I want to share about who Jesus is to me...


Peter and Beth said...

El, We've only met a few times, but you need to know how much your words touch my heart. Recently, while Peter and I were taking our morning walk, I commented on how much I could identify with your blog posts. Many of your insights, concerns, and prayers echo mine. I'm following Peter's advice and letting you know how much I appreciate you! Rest in confidence knowing that you are regularly being lifted up and covered in prayer!

Fireblogging said...

Elizabeth, your ability to post these stories for us - often right after they happen - makes what you're doing much closer and more real to us here in the comfort of our homes in Oregon.

It also gives us a heightened sense of the relevance of our prayers. We connect the dots between what you post and how we can lift you up in intercession.

None of us really knows how the Lord plans to use these experiences you have had, but I can attest from personal experience that He uses every little piece of our lives for His ministry and glory ... sometimes decades after we've forgotten about them.

Ken & Dawn Armstrong
Wildfire Christian Fellowship