Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dental Assistant for a Day

Deep in Conversation
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As though celebrating Day of the Ocean, Anniversary of the Zone, Day of the Woman, or El Alto´s Birthday were not enough, I got to experience Children´s Day. From my seat on the mini-bus, I watched clowns stroll down the sidewalks and the kid on her dad´s lap in front of me point and shriek at the funny looking people outside.

At La Casa de Esperanza, we served lunch to about 60 women, which is twice the number of lunches since I first arrived 2 months ago. I am feeling more and more comfortable with the flow of things and feel energized by the buzz at La Casa with so many women and their kids.

After lunch, we offered free medical services to kids in honor of their special day. A volunteer Christian organization in Bolivia came to offer their services. I got to be a Dental Assistant - entertaining kids in the waiting room, holding a light for the doctors, passing out fish stickers (that mom sent in my last package.. thanks!), and sitting with the moms who waited nervously while their child was being cared for. I was so encouraged by one of the missionaries who came with ¨Mission Lucas¨ - he easily put the kids at ease by making them laugh and he boldly proclaimed the Good News to those waiting for their turn. He encouraged moms and their children to read the Bible and without hesitation, shared about how GREAT God is. We were sitting next to a few women, and we carried on a lengthy conversation (in Spanish... how awesome is that?!) about being missionaries. I hope the interactions with the women Friday will pave the way for friendships as I see them at the Center. My schedule is changing so I´ll get to see them twice a week instead of just once and I am so excited!

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