Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dog Documentary

The dogs here are so interesting.

Some walk on roofs. All rummage through trash piles. A few follow me home. Others walk on 3 legs. Most are mangy. Some are actually cute. Dog fights are not a rare occurrence. They chase bicyclists.

I´m starting to take pictures of the various breeds I see. I want to dedicate a 2-page spread in my scrapbook to the various dogs I encounter.

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ryanmortinson said...

may i suggest a title for your scrap book pages...? how about "Dogumentary"?

your writing has gotten me thinking a lot about the slavery of prostitution. it is legal here in korea. and i am going to try and ask some of my korean friends what they think about it.

i hear more about it from my american roommates than i sometimes care to. it makes me sad inside. and also inspires me not to close my eyes to what is going on.

keep up the good work. you a true servant. you are humble... and God says if you are humble others will lift you up... so i'm lifting you up right now and saying that you are being an angel to these people... you are being God's hands and feet. well done. well done. well done. :)