Wednesday, February 21, 2007

You´re never too old for a water fight (and more stories about ¨feet¨food

It´s been carnival weekend here, which means lots of water, and white foamy stuff (like shaving cream) which takes unsuspecting passerbyers by surprise. I have a bruise from being hit by a water balloon by a group of students on their way home from school. I was just walking by on the sidewalk. People dropped giant waterballoons out their 3rd story windows as people walked by down below... amusing and annoying.

Yesterday, my family prepared for the carnival. We blew up lots of balloons and tied them outside our door with multi-colored ribbon. Then, we threw candy and flower petals on the roof. (I still do not understand why, but it made a cool noise.) Silvia invited me outside to play catch with water balloons.... which quickly turned into a HUGE water fight - we were dumping buckets of water on each other and popping water balloons left and right. Water fights, laughter, and yelling don´t require the same language. :)

More on the topic of wacky food: thankfully, no more chuÑos for me. lots of chicken and potatoes, though. Today we served food at La Casa de Esperanza. I met some friends of the center - women who prostitute. I´d NEVER guess it... they are ordinary women, wearing ordinary clothes. Some brought their boyfriends, some brought their children. It was amazing to serve them food. Earlier, I helped prepare food in the kitchen. I was standing right next to the cooks who were washing a sink-ful of chicken feet. I continued chopping my beets, and looked over at the sink, but the chicken feet were gone. I figured they would show up somewhere, and I was concerned. I stood behind the buffet table and served soup. I asked Krystal, who was next to me, if she knew what happened to the feet. She didn´t know. I was dishing up the soup, and was focusing on not spilling. I felt something non-soupy.... you guessed it. A CHICKEN FOOT!!! I served chicken feet to people. And they didn´t cringe. They like them. I wanted to try the soup, but not after that... maybe another day, another time.

I don´t have a weekly schedule yet, but it looks like I´ll be spending two days at Missionaries of Charity, one day serving at La Casa de Esperanza, one day being Cara´s Advocacy Assistant (creating a dvd about La Casa to raise money to purchase the building) and one day off. Sundays I will attend church with mi madre, Patricia... Mondays are book studies, and Wednesday nights are Bible studies.

I am SO thankful for: my slippers, my ipod (it helps to tune out the dogs barking and the crazy music in the street), my flashlight (to read and journal before bed), 4 blankets on my bed, lotion (my poor face is suffering from the air and elevation), and my Bible (Jesus cares for the oppressed, and he cares for me.... ¨to the ends of the earth¨He will be my God!.

Each night thus far, my bro and sisters accompany me while I brush my teeth. They make the teeth brushing motion and that is when I know ït´s time.¨ They also like to watch me take out my contacts (and put them in) and are amazed at my öjos verdes¨my green eyes.

Cotton Candy is the same in Bolivia as it is in the USA.
I am very tall here... even the other white girls ¨gringas¨are fairly short...
Dino, the dog, eats water balloons.
I finally had a HOT shower this morning.... I was SO encouraged!!! That makes 2 showers so far. One freezing, one hot.

Tonight is Bible study, and hopefully a good dinner, and a great night´s rest. I´ve been waking up on my own at 7:30am because of the crazy dogs and crazy drivers outside and I have a hard time falling asleep because of the crazy dogs and drivers.

Please pray for:
the food (although I think it´s getting a little better)
loneliness (I am definitely missing home)

I can´t believe my food stories all involve feet so far.


ryanmortinson said...

sounds like you are doing great. love the foot stories. i would say it takes about two weeks to adjust to a comfortable level in a new culture. just look forward to that time.

oh, you probably already do this... but when i was traveling in europe, I would type up (or write) my blog entries and emails before i connected to the internet. then i could just copy and paste quickly. this gave me more time to read emails.

i am praying that you will have good food and sleep. "Rocking!!"

Jessi said...

Feet huh...hmmm I have a little something for you when you get back!!

I am so proud of you...and perhaps I should send you some lotion???

LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

chrislyn said...

hmm. the feet sound interesting, but at least you haven't had to eat anything that will lick back yet (aka cow tongue)!

meredith said...

Miss El, At least they aren't tickling your feet :) I send big hugs to you. Each day brings new events and experiences. Keep sharing your heart and thoughts. Quinn likes feet and does try to eat them. We're working on that :) You don't have to be anyone other than yourself...Again, hugs!
Meredith, Ryan, and Quinn

Anonymous said...

Hola amiga!!!! Gracias por compartir sus experiencias. Estoy emocionada que puedo leer sobre estas. Espero que puedas gozar la comida pronto :)


Anonymous said...

oh, y te quiero!!!

Rachel said...

Oh El Belle you are so great I love reading about it all. Good luck with the mattress and pillow:) Peace!