Sunday, February 25, 2007

¨Don´t eat while you can¨

This has been the slogan of my Servant Team... don´t eat while you can! The portions are huge, and aside from the funky food, I think the altitude has something to do with my lack of an appetite. Today I had a huge bowl of chicken head soup for lunch, then half a plate of rice, a quarter plate of french fries, and a large chicken leg. I am dreading leaving the internet cafe, because that means it´s time for dinner... ugh!
My family knows I like chocolate, and each day they´ve surprised me with a little bit of chocolate candy. I have yet to try any of it because I´m just not hungry, and if you know how much I love chocolate, you know something is wrong with this picture.

Yesterday, I visited La Paz for the first time. I am still overwhelmed by what I saw compared to El Alto. We ate lunch at a Tex Mex restaurant and observed the differences... the skin shade was lighter, the fashions more prominant, no trash in the streets, more fancy cars, skyscrapers, toilet paper in the bathrooms. We were approaced by a young boy who was begging for money. Cara asked him what he wanted money for, and said for bread, so she bought him some. It was the first time I´d been approached by someone asking for money. I wonder if it´s because there are less foreigners in El Alto? I learned that I am a part of the only missionary organization in El Alto... many people are so-called to El Alto, but live in La Paz to adjust. El Alto is just too poor, undesireable, and too uncomfortable for many.

The view of La Paz from El Alto

The market in El Alto. Many people, many colors, many smells.

In case you happened to need a refrigerator off the side of the street... only in El Alto

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