Friday, February 2, 2007

Butterflies in my tummy

I am excited after reading an e-mail from Cara, my Servant Team Coordinator:
"You're staying with a wonderful woman named Patricia, a dear teacher who attends a church we have a lot of connections with. She has six kids, the youngest 12, the oldest, umm 25 maybe? You're probably the only ST member with a computer in your house, though no internet. You'll be a block away from my apartment, and right next to some of the only grass in El Alto. There aren't any other gringas living with you, but no one lives more than a couple blocks away."

6 brothers and sisters - how FUN!

Cara also wrote: "We've also been looking a little more at each of your specific talents and strengths, to see how we can utilize you guys best while you're here. We DEFINITELY will be taking advantage of your worship-leading skills while you're here, if that's ok. I was also hoping to take advantage of what you termed "graphics, color and sign design" to help me with Advocacy, a new job title I'm responsible for."

Jesus has filled me with songs, creativity, and compassion.
There is purpose for ME in El Alto.


ryanmortinson said...

if you need a reference, i will definitely testify to your amazing sign making skills. will you make invitations for my wedding when that day comes (sometime in my distant future. no, i haven't met any korean maidens yet, but Atom did say he could get me a booking (he meant date))???

peace, my sister.

ryanmortinson said...

i really meant to say, your "el-mazing" sign making skills...

katie said...

you DO have purpose in el alto! i am so very excited for you and enjoyed our time together yesterday. i might also be very excited about ppgp (or whatever it is we decided to call it). hugs, kisses, and prayers.