Monday, February 12, 2007

"Sisters, Sisters...there were never such devoted sisters"

My last weekend at home, and Chrislyn came down to see me! She left me with a stack of cards: one for when I get on the plane, one for my birthday, and several to fill in the gaps along the way. Looks like I get to practice some self-restraint!

She's pretty amazing... some might say "elmazing." And hilarious. And cute, too!
(especially since she'll be wearing my clothes for the next 4 months!)


chrislyn said...

thank you for posting such a beautiful picture of me :)

i love you!

Anonymous said...


WHO are those girls?
Who ARE those girls
Who are THOSE girls?
Who are those GIRLS?

Nice pic!

chrislyn said...

my guess is that anonymous = Dad

what do you think? :)