Thursday, February 8, 2007

one week left @ HOME

hot showers, hair dryers, hugs from mom, heaters, heated seats, heated buildings
familiar faces, family, phone calls, facebook.
washing machine, waffles, "what-not-to-wear", white chocolate/peppermint cream, I-5, ice cubes, iTunes
drinking fountains, driving, Dutch Bros, dryer, dad
The Office, ovens, ocean, Olive Garden
paying bills, privacy, peanut butter, pestering my sister
my church,
my best friends, my comfort,

my bathroom


ryanmortinson said...

did you know that each list you wrote starts with the same letter? because I didn't, until around list number 4.

you won't realize how fast time goes by... suddenly, you will come back to discover how unnecessarily busy and cluttered life is in the states. that's what happened to me after a year in papua new guinea.

don't forget to try and update your blog... i want to hear your stories.

chrislyn said...

you forgot a few things: chrislyn, coffee dates with chrislyn, cookie baking with chrislyn, chrislyn, caveman town with chrislyn (gp), cuddling with chrislyn, chrislyn's face, chrislyn's laugh, chatting with chrislyn, chrislyn, chrislyn's famous ordering skills (phosphates and coffee), chrislyn....

i'll let you know if i think of anymore :)