Sunday, November 18, 2007


I should know better by now... 2 hour naps on Sunday afternoons lead to sleepless nights on Sunday evenings. My mind is very alert; processing a number of dear phone calls and devastating car accidents.

It's perplexing to me how quickly our emotions can change.
And how easy it is to confuse joy with happiness, depending on our circumstances.

I'm rejoicing today at the news of my dear friend who just got engaged... Yes, she was my former roommate, which means I've still got the "live with me and you'll get married" charm. 'Living With El' seems to beat the 'Ring-By-Spring' philosophy; it's already worked NINE times! :)

(Sorry, Chrislyn - either we were roommates for too long or my "charm" doesn't apply to family.)
(Pictured above from L to R: married, engaged, engaged, single, married.)
I can't remember what we were all praying for - perhaps it was for me and the future-love-of-my-life?!

The engagement news genuinely thrills me. "My girls" are true testaments of God's prevailing faithfulness, tenderness, and love. Their relationships reflect Christ and I am honored to be called sister, friend, daughter, bridesmaid, and roommate.

Meg M., Carley W., Annie K., Amy W., Kayla M., Stef P., Li H., Megan L., Rachel H., Brooke V., Amy B., Meredith D., & Mom: I admire you and thank God for the way you've spoken Truth into my life through your own God-centered relationships.
You simply amaze me!


Amy said...

There's no such thing as waiting too long for the right person!
Remember our friend/mentor Becky!?

I LOVE YOU EL, and I will cuddle (and touch your knee) anytime!
*I know it's not the same. :)

See you Saturday! Yahoo!

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Chrislyn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Violet said...

can WE be roommates, pretty please???? =)

Stefanie Philips said...

I love you. :) You're so sweet and I can't wait for the day the Lord brings a phenomenal partner into your life!! Haha, I can't WAIT to see how He weaves His plan for you!!

Amanda Bricknell said...

I was just searching through your blog and came across this post and it made me smile from the inside out! I also know from experience that patience for the man God has had waiting for you all along is worth it, and now you know for yourself too! I am so excited to be family :)