Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tuesday, I ditched the fancy pants and shiny shoes for a pair of jeans and something without a heel. I'm not even sure I was allowed to, but it just felt right. I had 3 1x1s, which meant a trip to Target and two walks around the U of O campus (and a jaunt to Starbucks down the street), none of which are conducive for high heels.

Today, on the other hand, was a dress up day. I enjoyed the click of my fancy shoes at first, but now I fear everyone knows when I'm coming because the tile hallways echo my arrival. My usual quick walking pace has slowed because I'm paranoid I'm going to fall on my face!

Now, I'm sporting my sweats and slippers, joining 8 students around a flat screen tv, watching the Ducks get whooped... if they lose, all of Eugene will be mourning tonight. (On a positive note, maybe this will mean no loud parties at Rennie's bar to disturb my REM cycle.)


ryanmortinson said...

can i just say... korean tv rocks my socks off!!! i love watching the variety shows... i don't understand what they say, but i don't have to. my favorite are these magician guys that are comedians... they act all serious and then do these magic tricks that are really obvious but the guys act so serious you can't help but laugh.

also, i fear i am becoming style conscious. i actually care about my hair now... and i'm starting to care about what i wear... i bought a scarf today... a really sweet one... ahhhhh!

in korea you would fit right in. high heels everywhere.

PS did you know there is actually a race where woman run in high heels?

Violet said...

hahaha.... i love you el! thanks for your lovely updates. =)