Saturday, November 17, 2007

Four Visits

The more things I've hung on the walls makes my apartment feel more like "my space (not to be confused with myspace)." The more it feels like "my space," the more I want to guard it. The more I want to guard "my space," the more intentional I am about leaving my door open for visitors.

For 1 hour, my door stood open and 4 students stopped by.

  1. One of them, with a bottle of Gatorade in hand, bet me a dollar that she could roll her juice down to the other end of the hall and hit the water fountain with it. The juice, rolling full speed ahead, completely missed her mark and she never gave me a dollar.
  2. A guy stopped by to decipher the faint note he had left on my door with a dry erase marker that was nearly out of commission.
  3. My new favorite worship cd (Hillsong United) was playing and a girl poked her head in to tell me she shared my love for that music.
  4. The final visit of the night came from a freshman boy. I had just developed several photographs from the night of my surprise party (thanks Amy & Stef!). Nine 8x10s were meticulously arranged on my carpet and I was trying to find a place for them on my walls. This boy walked in, leaned over my pictures, and without hesitation said "I would date them." WHAT?! I, wide-eyed and flabbergasted, was left speechless.

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ryanmortinson said...

lol. that's el-mazing! hey, i would date them too... well, the ones that aren't married or otherwise in a "couple" situation...