Monday, September 26, 2011

MAICCD... now that's a mouthful

The mail I received this afternoon makes my heart leap.  I recently requested information about a graduate program in the Seattle area.

"Dear Elizabeth,
It was great to hear of your interest in the Master of Arts in International Care and Community Development (MAICCD) program...."

Northwest University in Kirkland offers a Master's Degree in International Care and Community Development, which is committed to social justice for the poor, powerless and oppressed.  Fuller Seminary (Pasadena, CA) offers a similar program.

Can I/we even afford a program like this? 
Is this the right time?
What do I do with this degree once I've got it?
Could I balance school, work and family?
Would I even want to drive to Seattle weekly?

Yes...No...Maybe so.
I don't know. 

But this girl can't help but dream about that which makes her heart sing, eyes water, and stomach flutter.

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Haley =) said...

Ahhh! How exciting!
I'll be praying for you!!