Wednesday, October 26, 2011

90 Days

Paul and I are reading through the Bible in 90 days as part of a whole church challenge.  Since September 19th, we've read Genesis - Esther.  I'm half-excited and half-not to read Job next.

I'm excited because it's a familiar story.  I'm not excited because it's a story of pain and despair.

Reading the Bible like this is revolutionizing my devotion life.  I went from reading almost nothing to reading for almost an hour at a time and completing 12-16 chapters a day.

I'm noticing a change in my worship; I'm able to appreciate God so much more.  I'm putting more into it.  Sunday morning songs mean something more to me in this season, than ever before.

More to come, with some questions that have come up along the way.

I have to finish Job tonight to catch up with the reading plan... (The middle school retreat put me a couple days behind.)

Time to knock out 40 chapters!

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