Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Youth Group

Today, I'm thankful for youth group.

I got to skype with the youth group on the big screen, all the way from Chihuahua, Mexico!  It's the first Wednesday night I've missed since I got married, and it was so special to still be a part of things 2,000 miles away.

Though I like to think I turned out okay without a solid youth group growing up, I am so thankful for what our middle school and high school kids have at Calvary - something I never had.

  • an AMAZING youth pastor who has far out done the average tenure of 18 months.  Try 8 years! (The youth pastor before Paul was there for 18 years.)
  • 30+ adult volunteers who show up every Wednesday night
  • a multi-generational youth camp that has been put on for 25 years at Mayfield Lake.  Hundreds of teens have made decisions for Christ here.  Men and women up to their 80s volunteer in the kitchen or snack shack, and even new moms with their babies sleep in the cabins as counselors.  This is one of the best things that Calvary does as a church.

My cabin of junior girls last July

Mud games involving watermelons and crisco...

Team Bricknell baptizing one of my small group girls.  Such a proud moment for!

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