Monday, November 8, 2010

4-H & Selling Books

Today I'm thankful for my 4-H experience and Paul's door-to-door book selling.

I didn't raise livestock or do anything animal-related.
What I did wasn't the least bit popular at the time.  I did the "Suzy Homemaker" side of 4-H which included cooking and sewing. While my friends were at the fairgrounds riding the Gravitron with their armband of unlimited rides, I was either making Apple Souffle in a timed competition in front of judges or taking pictures wearing my homemade schoolhouse vest with apple buttons.  (Oh, and I had round glasses, too.  Geek alert!)

Little did I know at the time, about 15 years ago, that the homemaking skills I learned would prepare me to be Paul's wife.  He loves to bring up the fact that I hold Grand Champion ribbons in both categories.  Even more than that, he loves eating what I've cooked up.
Paul sold books door-to-door for two summers while attending Multnomah.  He drove cross country and sold books in a small town in New York.  Southwestern provided opportunities for personal growth, mentoring, character building and life skills training.  There were times when he felt like giving up and he pushed through.  Paul often refers to this experience as something that prepared him to be a better husband and dad someday.

Thank you, Lord, for preparing us for each other even when we didn't realize it.

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