Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Australians in Haiti

It is with much relief that I write this blog.
My dear friends Rachel (roommate and friend from college) and Joel (we went to the Philippines together and shared several of the same classes) Hoffman are SAFE in Haiti.

Rachel and Joel have been in Haiti since late August serving with the Mennonite Central Committee, which is a Christian relief agency. You can read about their honest struggles with poverty and language, as well as their joy among local Christians here.

As you may have heard, just days ago, Haiti suffered a catastrophic 7.0 magnitude earthquake. Rachel and Joel found safety in their doorway as their apartment building crumbled around them. They dug through the rubble for 12 hours in the dark. They dug for their survival. They have made it to the embassy where Joel is receiving stitches for a minor injury. The Hoffmans will be evacuated home to Oregon (The Dalles/Albany?) as soon as possible.

Tens of thousands of people have lost their homes, many of which were shacks. Haiti's instability has contributed to an extreme poverty level, now skyrocketing from the aftermath of the quake. Thousands have died.

Please pray for Rachel and Joel as they grieve over the loss of their home, friends and ministry in Haiti. Please pray that God's presence would be made known in the midst of suffering, loss, and brokenness. Pray for a safe trip home. Praise God for a miraculous escape and for sparing the lives of my special friends.

I am trying to put myself in their shoes.
To have survived a devastating earthquake,
to have lost their belongings,
to be separated from new-found friends,
to have had the next 3 years of their life dedicated to Haiti,
and now what?

The Holy Spirit grieves within me as I don't know what else to say or pray.

Read more here:

Rachel, Katie, Me, Jessi

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