Sunday, August 3, 2008

the preparations continue

It's evident the school year is quickly approaching.
I had a dinner date in Salem Monday night, drove 4 hours (round trip) to roast marshmallows Friday night, and then drove almost another 4 hours to go to the beach yesterday.

We made s'mores with a variety of fillings. My favorite is a Reeses s'more. Also good is a York Patty s'more. We made s'moreos. (marshmallow inside an oreo). One oreo fell on the ground which I called a "floor-eo." It is good to laugh. It is good to escape.

I worked Saturday morning and spent a couple hours in the office Sunday evening and I anticipate working late every day this week. Just trying to get ahead.

I have spent months preparing for the RAs to arrive and now, I'm not even sure I want them to come!

I'm feeling a bit unprepared...
I could definitely do without the paperworky part of this job.
I feel a little hung up since I don't have a supervisor to share the load.

I am prepping for all the Fall athletes who need temporary housing. I am matching roommates based on New Student Profiles, which is a hilarious challenge.
  • I describe myself as emotional... I'd like to live with some who is emotionally stable.
  • I like to make friendship bracelets.
  • I listen to scream-o music
  • I'm 17 and engaged.
I am revamping the 150 pg. RA Manual. I am creating training sessions. I am getting ready to take the RAs on a camping trip to a campground I have never seen. I am crazy.

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Robby said... was funny. I laughed again when I read it here. Thanks. It is good to laugh.