Monday, August 25, 2008

Pictures to describe the last few weeks

A brief rundown of the last few weeks...

Camping trip on the McKenzie River. Me + 7 RAs! Paradise Campground - solo time, campfire, s'mores, scenic drive, group meal prep, initiatives, sleeping in tents, hike, life stories.

Hike around Sahalie Falls

Drive on Hwy 242 - it just opened to traffic that morning!
Sisters Coffee Co. in Sisters, OR. We enjoyed the AC and played Apples to Apples.

A "servant lunch" where we made each other's meals and then ate our lunch all tied together.

Our first hall competitions - 3 competitions that didn't quite make it into the 2008 Olympics.
The "Ice T-Shirt" competition - one person from the hall had to put on a tshirt that had been frozen. (Hilarious)
"Layer Palooza" - one designee had to put on as many layers of clothing as possible in 7 minutes. The winner had 78 layers on! She was also a skinny-mini. (Also hilarious)
"DecoRAte" - using the given supplies (rubber gloves, trash bag, newspaper, tape, post-its, paper, etc.), decorate your RA according to your hall theme. (Again, hilarious - and incredibly creative!)

And... some fun times with Paul in-between.

The freshmen arrived Saturday, school starts Wednesday. I am exhausted!

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