Monday, July 7, 2008

the fortune cookie

You meet some important, key people whose opinion really matters.
You are invited to join these people for lunch, 10 of whom you just met.
The meal of Chinese food is about over, and you are asked to select a fortune cookie from the tray in front of you. Everyone watches as you select one and then, even before you crack it open, they insist you read it aloud to the group.

You open it.
You read it.
The person sitting beside you is the reason you're at lunch with all these people; he knows them all and wanted you to join him.
Your eyes get big.
You show him the fortune.
He chuckles nervously and gives you a look.

The fortune must be read aloud; your table companions are curiously awaiting.

In a very matter-of-fact voice, you read the following:

The table oohs and ahhs while you giggle nervously and shyly glance at your friend, who is turning a little bit red.

As everyone was leaving, you slipped the fortune in your pocket.

You know, just in case.